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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Collage – “Acknowledge Who You Are”

September 27, 2013

In a workshop that Host Chris Kann participated in with Mind Body Spirit Living radio guest Sara Rae Lancaster, she created this collage to represent the four-word phrase that came to her in meditation during the class:  “Acknowledge Who You Are”.

ZenLoveCollage10913The collage captures the love in her life, her search for Zen, and the desire to know Self more deeply (through the mirrors).

While making the collage, Chris mentioned to the person sitting next to her that it would be great to have some pictures of mirrors so that she could represent the self-reflection that she felt was needed in the piece.  The next magazine she picked up had a feature story on different styles of mirrors for home decor!

Try this kind of collaging yourself to see what your reflection of Self might look like…..

Integrating Spirit and Business Life with Dimple Navratil – 09-21-13

September 21, 2013

We just finished “Mind Month” and we’ll take time this week to continue a series of discussions featured on our show about balancing spirit and business life.   This is a question that Host Chris Kann gets asked frequently……and for many people, this can be a challenge.  So we look to those who are doing is successfully for their insights in guidance.

Dimple0813Our guest this week is Dimple Navratil, a successful business woman who owns Dimples Fine Imports on Racine, WI.  Dimple grew up in Bombay, India and relocated to her current home after getting married.    Dimple imports items from locations that constitute a virtual tour of Asia, including India, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as Africa and Guatemala. But the key to her business is the jewelry featured in the store, which is made by Dimple’s family members, who are silversmiths in India. Dimple makes two or three trips a year to India, both for visiting and to buy goods that can be sold here.

Dimple is also an active community volunteer, wife and mother.  How does she balance her spiritual and business lives?  Tune into this fascinating discussion to find out!

For more information about Dimple and her store, Dimple’s Imports, go to

Investigating the Mind with Dr. Richard Davidson – 9-14-13

September 14, 2013

We will wrap up “Mind Month” with a look at a more formal understanding of the brain….through research that is being done to track physiological changes that can occur from practices such as meditation and other contemplative practices.

CroppedDrDavidson0813Our guest, Dr. Richard Davidson, is a premier voice in the area of understanding the mind and brain.  Dr. Davidson is a renowned neuroscientist and the founder and chair of the Center for Investigating Healthy  Minds at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

He is perhaps  best known for his groundbreaking work in studying emotion and the brain. A friend and confidante of the Dalai Lama, he is a  highly sought after expert and speaker internationally. Time magazine  named him one of the most influential people in the world in 2006.

Dr. Davidson has  published hundreds of scientific papers and edited 14 books. A New York  Times bestselling author, he has been featured widely in  popular media, including ABC’s Nightline, National Public Radio, Time magazine, Newsweek, O, the Oprah magazine, PBS’s the  Charlie Rose Show, Harvard Business Review, and many other national and  international news outlets.

We are honored to have Dr. Davidson on the Mind Body Spirit Living show.

You can find out more about Dr. Davidson and the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at

Exclusive Podcast – “Understanding Attachment” – Discussion with Chris Kann and Markus Kasunich – September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

On Saturday September 7, the Mind Body Spirit Living radio show will be pre-empted by WRJN’s coverage of the pre-game for the University of Wisconsin vs. Tenessee Tech football game.

To make sure you get your weekly “Mind Body Spirit Living” fix, we’re making available an exclusive discussion about “Understanding Attachment” with Host Chris Kann and spiritual teacher and holistic life coach Markus Kasunich.  This interview will be available on ITunes and at under Mind Body Spirit Living at the time of our regular broadcast, 12:30 pm CT.

markus-004AAttachment is a concept that is talked about often as part of many discussions about emotional and spiritual healing, and in personal growth.  Markus shares his perspective on what attachment is, how it compares to detachment and non-attachment, and when we know that have a healthy or not-healthy relationship to it.

Markus is originally from Canada, but is now based in California. He serves in many roles for his clients: holistic life coach, alternative medicine healer, and counselor. He has traveled worldwide and has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting his own natural gifts and intuitive abilities. Markus also is a frequent speaker on issues related to personal growth.

Markus also is a practicing artist who had his most recent gallery showing in Racine, WI in November, 2012.  Chris and Markus have worked together for over three years and have been co-presenters on the topic of Creativity at multiple conferences and via webinar.

For more information on Markus and his work, go to

Look for thie EXCLUSIVE podcast, available for download on September 7, 2013