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Exclusive Podcast – “Understanding Attachment” – Discussion with Chris Kann and Markus Kasunich – September 7, 2013

September 7, 2013

On Saturday September 7, the Mind Body Spirit Living radio show will be pre-empted by WRJN’s coverage of the pre-game for the University of Wisconsin vs. Tenessee Tech football game.

To make sure you get your weekly “Mind Body Spirit Living” fix, we’re making available an exclusive discussion about “Understanding Attachment” with Host Chris Kann and spiritual teacher and holistic life coach Markus Kasunich.  This interview will be available on ITunes and at under Mind Body Spirit Living at the time of our regular broadcast, 12:30 pm CT.

markus-004AAttachment is a concept that is talked about often as part of many discussions about emotional and spiritual healing, and in personal growth.  Markus shares his perspective on what attachment is, how it compares to detachment and non-attachment, and when we know that have a healthy or not-healthy relationship to it.

Markus is originally from Canada, but is now based in California. He serves in many roles for his clients: holistic life coach, alternative medicine healer, and counselor. He has traveled worldwide and has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting his own natural gifts and intuitive abilities. Markus also is a frequent speaker on issues related to personal growth.

Markus also is a practicing artist who had his most recent gallery showing in Racine, WI in November, 2012.  Chris and Markus have worked together for over three years and have been co-presenters on the topic of Creativity at multiple conferences and via webinar.

For more information on Markus and his work, go to

Look for thie EXCLUSIVE podcast, available for download on September 7, 2013

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