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Integrating Spirit and Business Life with Dimple Navratil – 09-21-13

September 21, 2013

We just finished “Mind Month” and we’ll take time this week to continue a series of discussions featured on our show about balancing spirit and business life.   This is a question that Host Chris Kann gets asked frequently……and for many people, this can be a challenge.  So we look to those who are doing is successfully for their insights in guidance.

Dimple0813Our guest this week is Dimple Navratil, a successful business woman who owns Dimples Fine Imports on Racine, WI.  Dimple grew up in Bombay, India and relocated to her current home after getting married.    Dimple imports items from locations that constitute a virtual tour of Asia, including India, Indonesia, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, as well as Africa and Guatemala. But the key to her business is the jewelry featured in the store, which is made by Dimple’s family members, who are silversmiths in India. Dimple makes two or three trips a year to India, both for visiting and to buy goods that can be sold here.

Dimple is also an active community volunteer, wife and mother.  How does she balance her spiritual and business lives?  Tune into this fascinating discussion to find out!

For more information about Dimple and her store, Dimple’s Imports, go to

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