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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Books Recommended on “Tools to Knowing You” on 11-9-13

November 13, 2013

On our show “Tools to Knowing You – Part 2” that was broadcast on November 9, 2013, Host Chris Kann shared information about a number of books that she recommends as good resources on the journey of knowing Self.  Below is a summary of those books for your reference.  Enjoy!

-“The Dark Side of the Light Chasers” – Debbie Ford

-“The Power of Now” – Eckart Tolle

-“The Seeker’s Guide” – Elizabeth Lesser

-“The Four Agreements” – Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr.

-“The Gift of Imperfection” – Brene Brown

-“The Alchemist” – Paul Coelho

Other recommended authors:  Byron Katie, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson

FiveLevelsofAttachment EverydayGrace TheAlchemist DarkSideoftheLightChasers0912

Tools to Get to Know YOU – Part 2, with Chris Kann – 11-9-13

The idea of going on the search for SELF is a good one, but sometimes it’s helpful to have practical tools that can help you on that journey.  What kinds of exercises, books and other tools are available to assist you?  In an earlier show, Host Chris Kann discussed some of the tools and exercises that she has found helpful, and there is still much to discuss in this Part II discussion.

ChrisB&W2013This week, Host Chris Kann will speak more about some of the tools that she has used in understanding herself better.  She will specifically discuss books and other experiences that can be helpful in helping you reveal more of YOU.

Listen in for this rare show without a featured guest, as Chris shares her thoughts.  Maybe some of the tools she discusses can be helpful to you too.

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November 4, 2013

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