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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Looking Closer at Polarity Therapy with Carrie Massey – 12-21-13

December 31, 2013

We continue to explore a range of healing modalities, this week looking closer at Polarity Therapy.  Polarity Therapy is based in the understanding that the flow and balance of energy in the human body is the foundation of good health.  When energy is unbalanced, blocked, or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease arise.  Polarity Therapy is a blend of modern science and complementary medicine and provides a comprehensive approach to health involving energy-based bodywork, diet, exercise, and self-awareness.

Polarity therapy seeks to bridge the full spectrum of body, mind and spirit; the body is designed by nature to heal itself.  This theory of health was developed by Dr. Randolph Stone (1890-1981) who conducted a thorough investigation of energy in the healing arts over the course of his 60-year medical career.

Carrie Massey 2013Our guest, Carrie Massey (ATM, RPE, RPP/BCPP, LMT, BA) is the Founder of Wisconsin Polarity-Center for Energetic Awareness.  She was trained as a physical therapist, and has an intense interest in energetic imbalances which cause postural alignment issues.  At her business she blends the healing modalities of massage, Cranial-Sacral, and Polarity Therapy in her work with clients.  Carrie is Board Certified as a Polarity Practitioner, and is also nationally certified and state licensed as a massage therapist.  Carrie has a call to share and teach her knowledge of polarity.

Carrie is passionate about nature and being outdoors.  She is also the Head Golf  Coach at The Prairie School, where they won the Division III State Golf Tournament in 2010.

You can find out more about Carrie and her work at

Acupuncture for Healing with Christie Kern – 12-14-13

December 17, 2013

As we begin our exploration of different healing modalities on the Mind Body Spirit Living show, we start with something many are familiar with….acupuncture.  Our guest, Christie Kern, (l.Ac., MSOM, B.S. Nutrition) will share her perspective on why she was drawn to study and practice acupuncture, and how she uses it in combination with Chinese Herbs to address many types of pain and health issues.

Christie-kernChristie Kern earned a Master of Science in Oriental Medicine from the Midwest College of Oriental Medicine (MCOM) in Racine, Wisconsin. After providing in-home acupuncture in Harrisburg, PA, and working in a traditional one patient per hour acupuncture clinic, she returned to her hometown, Racine. Upon her return she opened her dream clinic, Racine Community Acupuncture. Community acupuncture offers affordable, effective treatments in a living room setting, with soft music in the background as patients relax in a reclining chair. “Working in a group not only reduces the cost of each treatment,” she explained, “It brings a greater concentration of healing energy to each patient. It’s like comparing a solo singer to a choir.”

Christie has helped patients find relief from conditions ranging from the Common Cold, Low Back Pain, Crohn’s Disease and Sciatica to Acne, Sinusitis, Prolapsed Uterus, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), Depression and Anxiety. She’s found that many people believe acupuncture is only for pain relief. However, acupuncture treats everything. “This medicine is simple, elegant and flexible,” she explained. “And it’s personal. If ten patients came with the same Western medical diagnosis of, say, migraine headaches, chances are they’d each have a different acupuncture treatment.”

Christie graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Journalism from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. As part of her undergraduate education, she studied at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad. During this program, she started learning about traditional medicine among various cultures. Eventually, Christie ventured into the realm of Traditional Chinese Medicine, while trying to resolve her own back pain. Barely able to stand, she gratefully accepted acupuncture from a friend. That night, she went dancing. By the end of that same year, she began her studies at MCOM.

Join us for this exploration of acupuncture and herbs with Christie!

You can learn more about Christie and Racine Community Acupuncture at

Wellness Programs in Traditional Healthcare with Dr. AJ Capelli – 12-7-13

December 8, 2013

Many people think of Wellness programs as existing outside the setting of a Western hospital setting, but more hospitals are embracing Wellness as an integrated part of their overall approach to healthcare.  This week we’ll explore how Wellness programs are bringing a diverse perspective to traditional healthcare and making a change for the better.

AJCapelliOur guest, Dr. AJ Capelli, is an internal medicine doctor with Aurora Healthcare and is actively involved in the Wellness program implementation within the Aurora hospitals.  He will share his thoughts on why he feels adding Wellness programs to the services that a traditional hospital provides enhances the patient experience.

Dr. Capelli was joined by Alysia Howard and Sarah Casey of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School.

The Aurora Health Care Wellness philosophy uses seven key components of wellness based on concepts developed by the National Wellness Institute. Aurora received full permission from the National Wellness Institute to adapt the tenants.  The seven components of wellness:

  • Emotional wellness – Accepting and manage your feelings, including your ability to understand your limitations, navigate through stressful situations and maintain healthy relationships with others
  • Environmental wellness – Having places to live and work that are safe for you both emotionally and physically
  • Intellectual wellness – Participating in creative, stimulating, growth-oriented activities. It involves learning new skills, and sharing that knowledge and skills with others
  • Occupational wellness – Finding rewarding work, where you can use your special skills and talents to make a positive contribution
  • Physical wellness – Managing your physical health on a daily basis
  • Social wellness – Contributing to ones environment and community. It emphasizes the interdependence between others and nature
  • Spiritual wellness – Finding meaning and purpose in life, and defining a value system to operate within

Dr. Capelli is Board Certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine and practices at the Aurora Health Center in Kenosha, WI.  We are honored to have him as a guest to share with us more about how he incorporates Wellness into his practice.

More information about Aurora’s approach to Wellness is available at

Article “Healing-The Dance of Consciousness” by Markus Kasunich

December 3, 2013

markus-004AOur guest on the 11/23/13 show, healer Markus Kasunich, spoke about “Understanding Healing” and laid a foundation for us to understand of the role of healing in our lives.

In addition to our show audio, we wanted to pass on this article that Markus wrote about healing:  “Healing, The Dance of Consciousness” to add yet another perspective to our discussion on the topic.


Integrating Traditional and Holistic Approaches to Health and Wellness with Sunday Muniz – 11-30-13

For many people, a balance of traditional and alternative approaches to overall health can often produce the best results.  This week’s guest, Sunday Muniz, has been a licensed pharmacist for over 20 years and is a board certified nutritionist.  She brings an experienced voice to the search for the right mix of approaches to good health.  As the owner of Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy, she works closely with a wide range of customers to identify nutritional, supplemental and behavioral paths to long term health.

SundayMunizSunday believes that preventative and integrative healthcare will become even more important as the nation’s healthcare coverage evolves and changes.  On this show, she will share her thoughts on the key habits she feels everyone can integrate into their daily life that can bring sustainable good health for families.

Listen in for this helpful discussion of combining multiple approaches to achieving good health.

Sunday Muniz and her husband Jody own Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy, a resource for wellness in Racine, WI.  They are both board certified nutritionists, award-winning pharmacists, and busy parents to three active children.  A key goal of the business is to empower people in ways that can positively impact the lives of families, the community and beyond. By establishing their own independent pharmacy, they wanted a completely different business format from the large chains to provide a more personal approach to health.  Operating as family owned and locally operated has allowed the freedom to help customers with whole health needs through direct personal attention and authentic advice.  They are able to share their personal philosophies for wellness solutions by which they themselves live.  Sunday and Jody show their dedication to families’ wellbeing through a series of free cooking demonstrations, health programs and a newsletter that addresses current and useful information.

You can learn more about the business Sunday and the business she owns with her husband, Jody, at


Understanding Healing with Markus Kasunich – 11-23-13

December 1, 2013

Our next series of shows on Mind Body Spirit Living will speak to the many modalities and approaches to healing.  To kick off that month of discussion, we’ll speak with healer and holistic life coach, Markus Kasunich.  Having spent 20 years studying, and as a practicing healer, Markus will share his perspective on the meaning of healing, and the reason that someone might want to pursue healing in all aspects of their lives.

markus-004AThis show will be the foundation for three additional Exclusive Podcasts that will air in upcoming weeks focusing on different aspects of Holistic Healing, addressing the Mind, Body and Spirit.  Watch our website for additional dates and details.

Markus Kasunich is a holistic life coach, spiritual teacher and artist who is originally from Canada and now lives in California. He has led the life of a spiritual seeker, studying with shamans, mystics and teachers from all over the world to understand his own connection to the Divine. He travels frequently to conduct speaking events and private healing sessions.

For more information on Markus Kasunich, go to