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Wellness Programs in Traditional Healthcare with Dr. AJ Capelli – 12-7-13

December 8, 2013

Many people think of Wellness programs as existing outside the setting of a Western hospital setting, but more hospitals are embracing Wellness as an integrated part of their overall approach to healthcare.  This week we’ll explore how Wellness programs are bringing a diverse perspective to traditional healthcare and making a change for the better.

AJCapelliOur guest, Dr. AJ Capelli, is an internal medicine doctor with Aurora Healthcare and is actively involved in the Wellness program implementation within the Aurora hospitals.  He will share his thoughts on why he feels adding Wellness programs to the services that a traditional hospital provides enhances the patient experience.

Dr. Capelli was joined by Alysia Howard and Sarah Casey of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Medical School.

The Aurora Health Care Wellness philosophy uses seven key components of wellness based on concepts developed by the National Wellness Institute. Aurora received full permission from the National Wellness Institute to adapt the tenants.  The seven components of wellness:

  • Emotional wellness – Accepting and manage your feelings, including your ability to understand your limitations, navigate through stressful situations and maintain healthy relationships with others
  • Environmental wellness – Having places to live and work that are safe for you both emotionally and physically
  • Intellectual wellness – Participating in creative, stimulating, growth-oriented activities. It involves learning new skills, and sharing that knowledge and skills with others
  • Occupational wellness – Finding rewarding work, where you can use your special skills and talents to make a positive contribution
  • Physical wellness – Managing your physical health on a daily basis
  • Social wellness – Contributing to ones environment and community. It emphasizes the interdependence between others and nature
  • Spiritual wellness – Finding meaning and purpose in life, and defining a value system to operate within

Dr. Capelli is Board Certified in Internal Medicine by the American Board of Internal Medicine and practices at the Aurora Health Center in Kenosha, WI.  We are honored to have him as a guest to share with us more about how he incorporates Wellness into his practice.

More information about Aurora’s approach to Wellness is available at

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