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Integrating Sustainability Into School Curriculum and Culture with Dr. Jean Weaver – 4-12-14

April 14, 2014

As we continue to explore places of balance and imbalance in our world, we look closer at environmental sustainability.  Understanding all the ways that we can support environmental sustainability is important, but it’s especially helpful to teach children these principles so that they can begin creating good habits early in their life.  What better place to learn about and model sustainability than in a school, and we’ll be speaking this week about how one school has studied this topic, and determined how they can create change by integrating sustainability into their curriculum and culture.

DrJeanWeaverOur guest in this discussion will be Dr. Jean Weaver who is the Sustainability Coordinator at The Prairie School, an independent school in Wind Point, WI.   Dr. Weaver attended many conferences on sustainability to help identify the key ways that the school could bring these habits and principles into the daily life of the school, and involve faculty, children and their families in this important education.

Dr. Weaver earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of Michigan, and her PhD in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Ohio State University. She is currently the Chair of the Science Department and we are grateful to have her sharing her experience of integrating sustainability with us on our show.

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