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The Big News on Microgreens with Kara Kading – 5-17-14

May 21, 2014

Milaeger’s is a family-owned garden center and lifestyle store known for miles of greenhouses, diverse gifts, and the best Christmas product displays in the Midwest.  But new things are growing for this business, taking them in a whole new direction, with their own line of gourmet lettuces and sprouts.  This new venture continues to grow as they provide these fresh goods to local grocery stores and restaurants.

KaraKadingThe passion behind this new venture for Milaeger’s is Kara Kading, and we are excited to have her as a guest on our show.  Kara is a  3rd generation family member at Milaeger’s, and has spent her whole life dedicated to growing the business.  Kara first came to Milaeger’s when she was three weeks old and started asking customers if she could help them at age three.  Kara loved growing up at the store and having the opportunity to expand and develop several areas of the business.

Kara’s latest project at Milaeger’s is the development of a lettuce and microgreen program.  Milaeger’s has 92 greenhouses, chiefly used for bedding plants, specialty annuals, hanging baskets, perennials, and seasonal pot crops.  Kara wanted to do something good, something big, something that would connect the store more with the community, and something that would benefit everyone on all levels.  She felt that it was a crucial time to be able to offer not only local food, but also educate the community on how to eat healthy, buy local, and even be able to grow their own lettuce and microgreens.  The store currently delivers to nine different fine restaurants and cafes, two local grocery stores, and a home delivery produce business called Brewers Organics.  Kara enjoys continuing to build and develop relationships with more restaurants, farmers, and people who are simply passionate about food!

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