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From the Garden to the Kitchen with Jessika Mikol – 6-7-14

June 16, 2014

The process of growing and gardening is only part of the story.  Being able to turn the gifts of the garden into healthy food for the dinner table is the exciting celebration of all that hard work!  Our guest this week, Jessika Mikol, will help us to better understand simple ways to make the garden’s harvest easily translate to meals and snacks for family and friends.

Jessika MikolJessika Mikol is a yoga instructor and vegan chef. As co-owner of Yoga Roots Racine, a collectively run Yoga studio in Downtown Racine, she practices hatha yoga and follows an ayurvedically inspired diet. Jessika is owner of Caraway Kitchen, a food project offering small-batch catering, home delivery, kitchen consults, and detox foods inspired by Ayurveda. She also leads workshops on seasonal eating and cleansing and offers intimate group cooking lessons.

Raised on a sustainable farm in Nova Scotia, Canada, Jessika’s connection to healthy food and natural living is deeply rooted. She worked for several seasons on a CSA in Plymouth WI and is currently an active member of the Racine Urban Garden Network.  She also gardens at home; each year transforming more of her backyard to garden.

Jessika honed her skills as a vegetarian cook and vegan baker at Circa Café in Racine where she worked for several years. She currently bakes at Sol D’Licious, a holistic cafe in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She is launching a new lineup of vegan baking and prepared foods under her independent brand Caraway Kitchen at this year’s Racine Farmers’ Market.

Jessika traveled extensively before settling in Racine, Wisconsin, where she now lives with her daughter. She holds a Masters Degree in Liberal Studies and is a certified Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance.

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