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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Navigating Career Decisions and Transitions with Karen Vernal – 11-29-14

November 29, 2014

Most of us spend too much time doing our work to be unhappy, but many people are unfulfilled by their work.  Have you been thinking about making a career change, but you are finding that navigating the transition to a new path is overwhelming?  Or maybe you know that you feel stuck, but are not sure what to do to refresh your relationship with your career to be more energized by your work.   This week we’ll talk to a career coach who helped Host Chris Kann navigate her way through the decision to leave her corporate job and start her own business and gain an energized re-commitment to her career.  Our guest will help us see the key questions we can ask, and decisions we can make, to successfully identify how to make the transition to a more fulfilling life and career.


Karen Vernal is the President and CEO of Vernal Management Consultants, LLC in Milwaukee. She is a highly skilled, creative professional with over 20 years of experience working with C-Suite executives as an Executive Coach/Consultant.  Karen is a thought leader in leadership development, emotional intelligence and coaching for performance.  “If we can make a difference with leaders and organizations we can change the world,” says Karen.

Karen engages her clients in reflection, dialogue and custom designed activities that take them to deeper levels of awareness, resulting in renewed focus, passion and commitment for transformation. She regularly offers insights and reflections as a Biztimes Milwaukee columnist. Has also served on the faculties of Marquette University and West Virginia Wesleyan College, and is active in community and professional organizations.

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Embracing Career Transitions with Beth Gilmore – 11-22-14

November 24, 2014

From the first stages of a career to retirement, managing the transition between different stages of working life can go smoothly, but sometimes can feel abrupt and disjointed.  Our identity and sense of self can go through major shifts during these transitions, and the more you can be aware of where you are and what you are called to be, the more smoothly the transitions can go.

BethGilmoreJoin us when we talk about how to navigate these life transitions with productivity coach Beth Gilmore. Beth has been a successful productivity coach for businesses and individuals for over 15 years.  She holds a BA in Communications from Michigan State University.  Prior to starting her own coaching business, she had a record-breaking sales career that spanned radio, corporate sales, network marketing and private education.

Since 1992, Beth has coached thousands of clients including entrepreneurs, business owners, teachers and CEOs of multi-million dollar corporations.  In 2008, Beth was diagnosed with breast cancer and after an 8-month treatment course and a fresh perspective on her priorities, she reinvented her business as results. in Racine, WI. She believes that in order to harness your personal power in life, you must clearly identify your talents and dreams and find a way to contribute them to your community as a whole.

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Transitioning From Past to Present Thinking with Stephanie Delmore – 11-15-14

November 20, 2014

We so often live our lives carrying hurts and wounds from the past into our daily life.  We can intellectualize our perception of past events in order to cope, but the pain of unresolved feelings remains, and holds us back from living the life that we desire.  Making the decision to transition out of past into present thinking can be transformational, and can clear the way for a refreshed outlook on life.  Join us as we discuss how you can integrate this new way of seeing events unfold.

StephanieDelmoreOur guest is experienced in assisting hundreds of clients in their journey to knowing self and making this transition to living in the present.  Stephanie Delmore is a Psychotherapist who uses many cognitive behavioral strategies in therapy.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology and a School Counselor Certification from Mount Mary College.

Stephanie’s theoretical orientation comes from a belief in a strengths focus. and  identifies herself as a Solution-Focused therapist. She believes that our thoughts are powerful and that by learning to identify when our thoughts are distorted and causing anxiety or depression, we have the power to change those thoughts in an effective way.

Stephanie is married and the mother of two school-aged children. In her free time she enjoys traveling, entertaining, exercise, and volunteering at school and church.  You can learn more about Stephanie at or on Facebook at

Mind Body Spirit Living Show – Pre-empted by College Football 11-8-14

November 7, 2014

Our show this week will be pre-empted by NCAA College Football.

We’ll be back at our regular time, 12:30 pm CT on Saturday, November 15 to continue our discussion about Transitions

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