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Life Reboot – Transitioning After Starting Over with Markus Kasunich – 12-13-14

December 10, 2014

The challenge of transitions can sometimes be overwhelming, and it can seem like it might be easier to just throw aside everything and start over…….to “reboot” your life.  Often, that kind of total refresh could seem appealing, but we are afraid of the potential for so many unknowns in our life.

This week we explore the idea of a “Life Reboot”……the opportunity to cast aside all of the known factors in our life and begin again in a new place, with a new job and new friends.  Would you consider it?  Our guest this week has done it not once, but many times in his life, and will help us explore the healthy and unhealthy approaches to beginning life again.

UpdatedCroppedMarkus0514Markus Kasunich is a frequent guest on the Mind Body Spirit Living show and we welcome him back this week to share his amazing stories of restarting his life over.  Markus is a holistic life coach, speaker and healer and  speaks often on issues related to personal growth, and works with clients to help them access their own potential.  Markus is also an artist and has been a featured artist in gallery showings and sells his own line of greeting cards featuring his art.

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