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Integrating Business and Personal Life as Mayor with John Dickert – 3-28-15

March 9, 2015

Finding time for family, friends and personal interests can often be a challenge when work commitments demand so much of our time.  For an elected official, this can be a uniquely challenging balance.  With intense scrutiny of your professional life, what does it take to create the space needed to also be a husband, father and community member?  Our guest this week shares his perspective of that balance while serving as Mayor of the City of Racine, located in Southeast Wisconsin.

JohnDickertJohn Dickert was elected Mayor of Racine, Wisconsin in May, 2009.  A key focus of his time in office has been his plan to create a top ten city to live in in ten years. He is proud to have key successes in key areas such as cutting unemployment in half in just 5 years, reducing crime to a 50 year low in 4 years, and securing the recently announced largest redevelopment plan in 30 years at Machinery Row.

Mayor Dickert has also sought to make Racine the global leader in fresh water technology. He is currently the President of the Great Lakes & St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, and serves on the Board of Directors for the U.S. Conference of Mayors Water Council.  Currently he serves on Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s Wisconsin Coastal Management Council which gives funds to communities seeking to implement coastal initiatives.

Reelected in 2011, Mayor Dickert has a continuing mission of expanding businesses; creating new partnerships and maintaining the city’s course of fiscal responsibility.  The Mayor serves as Vice Chair of the US Conference of Mayors Metro Economies Committee and as the President of the Urban Alliance.

Mayor Dickert arrived in Racine with his family in 1880, with his family rooted in a 104 year old plumbing business.  His family’s faith focus took him to St. Joseph’s grade school and St. Catherine’s High School.  He attended the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and graduated with degrees in Communications and Political Science.

As a community member Mayor Dickert has been involved with such organizations as the Optimists Club, The NAACP, the Racine Zoological Society, St. Joseph’s Church, The Urban League, YMCA Youth Sports, the Downtown Racine Corporation and as a coach for Special Olympics.

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