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The Essence of Wine with Cory Sebastian – 10-31-15

September 30, 2015

This week we begin a new series of shows called “Learn From The Experts”.  We’ll hear from guests who have a specific skill that they have mastered, and they’ll be here to give us their insights and make us all just a little smarter….a little more well-rounded, a little more well-prepared.

We’ll start with a topic that most of us would admit we’d like to know just enough about to be dangerous, and that is wine.  For those of you who like to have an occasional glass of wine with a special dinner, or who are looking to buy wine to take as a hostess gift at the holidays, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way.  We’re fortunate today to have as our guest a sommelier who is here to tell us how we can be just a little more wise about wines.

Cory Sebastian has not only grown up in the restaurant business, but has over 15 years of fine dining experience. In addition to her time in restaurants, she spent four years studying and preparing for the exam that in September of 2011 entered Cory into the Guild Of Sommeliers by the Master Court of Sommeliers.  Since then, she has had the opportunity to write, teach and train others about wine in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Just in the last 10 years, Cory has had the opportunity to taste over 1,000 wines from all over the world, and estimates that in total she has tasted close to 2000 wines.  She has been managing Sebastians Restaurant in Caledonia, WI for nearly six years.  During this time she has been working on continually evolving the Sebastians wine program, which consists of over 150 wine selections.

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