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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Mastering Recycling and Upcycling with Marie Boyum – 11-28-15

October 28, 2015

We all are surrounded by so much “stuff” in our lives.  When you are done using your “stuff”, do you consider how it might be re-used or re-purposed so that it can continue to provide use and value?  There are many ways to see the “things” around you in a new way, and our guest this week is here to help us master the art of recycling and upcycling.


Marie Boyum is a former owner of Anything’s Possible, an eco-friendly art boutique in Racine, Wisconsin that showcased local artists who upcycle. She is a  former children’s librarian and teacher and  author of four books on literacy, play and baby brain development. Incorporated in all her works is an element of recycling and upcycling (even before the term existed).

She has always considered herself a “Thrifty Naturalist” and being a yoga instructor for the past 12 years has truly tied in the meaning of yoga- union. Union with mind, body and spirit as well as respect and oneness for all. Part of her deep love and reverence for nature includes taking care of this beautiful planet by sharing that simple living saves the earth’s resources and money.

Marie loves writing, books, teaching, public speaking, travel, cooking & baking, gardening, beekeeping, raising chickens, dogs, trying new experiences, music, & tea.  She is a yoga instructor and offers yoga therapy classes.

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Telling Truth from Lies with Scott Xavier – 11-21-15

October 26, 2015

Wouldn’t you love to be able to know when someone is telling you the truth?  How helpful would it be to know the signs to look for to know when someone it lying to you?  Whether in your personal life, or in business, knowing the clues to these secrets can undoubtedly make a difference in how you interact with someone.  This week we speak with a mentalist who uses his natural gifts to teach others, including the police, how to tell truth from lies.

XavierCrossedArmsScott Xavier has an associates degree in psychology from Arizona State University.  After graduation, he became interested in crime forensics while working as a technician in a private lab matching up markings on bullets in the firearms tool mark section. He also helped to sort drums of recovered ammunition and evaluated bleaches and chemicals to clean recovered bullets. He worked to create training aids from Association of Firearm and Tool Mark examiners journals.

Scott then studied with the Illinois State police polygraph examiner to better understand how lies affect the body and developed the ability to pass a lie detector test.

Following this work in crime forensics, Scott began to pursue his interest in magic, teaching people how to read body linguistics and lie detection. He has written many books on magic, including “Tricky Business: Secrets of a Corporate Jedi” which appears in the library of Congress.  He won second place among 500 magicians at the World Magic Seminar, has appeared on America’s Got Talent, and consults with well-known magicians to perfect their technique.

Scott now also works for corporations as a keynote speaker and entertainer at sales meetings and trade shows, sharing some of the teachings in his books to be used in a corporate setting.

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Decorating for Fresh Perspective with Dorothy McMillan – 11-14-15

October 25, 2015

This week we continue to “Learn From Experts”, tapping the insights and skills of guests who can help us learn to live a more full and holistic life.

Often we see pictures of home interiors that we would love to see reflected in our own home, and that we feel could help our home become a true sanctuary, but we just don’t know how to put the look together ourselves.  Whether it is sourcing the pieces to create a certain look, or determining what patterns and colors will make the room special, decorating can be an overwhelming process.  This week we speak with an accomplished interior designer about how we can transform our living and work spaces using some easy and simple tips.

DorothyMcMillanDorothy McMillan was born in Burlington, Wisconsin.   While raising four children as a single parent, Dorothy attended Gateway Technical College and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. She pursued her love of interior design and became a licensed Interior Designer, spending 16 years at the highly respected Porters of Racine.

Dorothy started her company, Finely Done, Inc. in 2004, providing independent consulting for residential and commercial interiors.  She has designed homes and business interiors in Wisconsin, Illinois, Arizona, Florida and Virginia.  Her work has been featured in Timber Homes Illustrated, and  “The Arts and Crafts Cabin” by Susan Obomsawin.

Dorothy is a member of the Advisory board for the Interior Design program at Gateway Technical College in Kenosha, WI and is a regional Manager for the state of WI for IntegraTect, which is a green, Leed certified spray protection product for home furnishings.

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Capturing Real Moments in Your Photos with Camela Langendorf – 11-7-15

October 12, 2015

As we move closer to the holidays, we look forward to special time with family and friends that can create memories for years to come. We all hope to have photos that can help us to remember those times, but so often, we find that our photos don’t reflect the intimacy and uniqueness that we felt in the experience.  This week, we turn to an expert to learn how to capture real, authentic, memorable moments in our photos with a professional photographer….just in time for the holiday season.

CamelaWorkingCamela Langendorf is owner of Images by Camela, a lifestyle photography company in Racine, Wisconsin.  She first became enamored with photography after spending a life-changing semester at the age of 19 in Australia and the South Pacific.  She loves exploring how photography allows her to blend art and science, to reach her goal of catching a glimpse of people connecting to each other or within themselves.

Camela graduated from UW-Madison and Concordia University in physical therapy and worked for 12 years in the field. Her years as a PT were invaluable in teaching her about respecting all types of people, whatever their size, shape, color, background, intellect or belief. In helping people to heal and recover, she learned that we are all so much more the same than we are different. Her focus is on helping people appreciate and see how beautiful they really are.

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