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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Living Your True Nature in Relationships with Brenda Knowles – 2-13-16

December 29, 2015

Each of us comes to the relationships in our lives with our own habits and history, but grounded in our authentic, true nature.  Relationship dynamics and role-playing can pull us away from our natural inclination, and make us feel like we need to behavior a certain way to make the people around us happy, or to fit the perception of who they think we are, or who we need to be to get love and attention.  What does it take to remain true to our natural tendencies, despite social or family pressure? How should we deal with the conflict we feel amidst the pressure to behave a certain way?  Join us this week when we speak with a coach who helps people uncover and validate their true nature, so that they can be their authentic selves in relationships.

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Brenda Knowles is a personal and relationship coach for introverts and highly sensitive people. From childhood, Brenda felt the pressures to behave outside of her true introvert nature, and brings the lessons she learned in her own process of self-understanding to her work with clients.  Her first-hand experience as a sensitive introvert allows her to have a  deep understanding of client’s needs, and how they can exist in their relationships with other introverts and extroverts alike.

Brenda received a business degree from Michigan State University, focused on Materials and Logistics Management.  She is trained in family mediation, and is a Myers Briggs practitioner.

Brenda has been  the author of the space2live blog for the last 5 years, that is focused on her experiences of living in the world as a sensitive introvert.  She is most at home connecting with her audience, and receives many e-mails from readers who connect to her story.

Brenda is the mother to two teens and a tween, and currently lives outside of Minneapolis, MN.

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De-Clutter and De-Stress with Kathi Miller – 2-6-16

Do you have drawers in your house that are packed with items you are not even aware of, or closets that contain belongings you have not used in years?  Most everyone has pockets of clutter in their home or office that have fallen into a blind spot and remain untouched.  Is there something that keeps you from cleaning out this clutter?  Are you keeping things in your home that you no longer need or use?  Clearing the clutter in our lives can reduce stress, and free up space, time and energy for the important things in your life.  Join us this week as we learn how to address our clutter with a clutter coach who has lived the principles of a clutter-free living her entire life.

KathiMillerKathi Miller spent most of her professional career in education and business; as a band director and then running a music education-related business.  She became a Clutter Coach in 2004 while pursuing her passion for trying to figure out why people create clutter in their lives, and developing new solutions to help them live a clutter-free life.  Kathi loves to share her expertise and motivate others to de-clutter their homes, offices, and schedules.

In the first 18 years of her marriage, Kathi moved 6 times – 3 times long-distance and 3 times locally.  This caused her to evaluate all of her belongings to determine if they were worthy of the moving cost.  She continues to review her belongings and to pare down, and believes that if you’re not using something and don’t know when or how you’ll use it, let it go.

Kathi is a frequent guest on Real Milwaukee, Fox6 WITI TV and WRJN Radio, Racine.  She is a professional speaker, author and educator on the topic of clutter-free living.

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Setting and Achieving Smart Goals with Denise Ehlen – 1-30-16

December 28, 2015

Are you hoping that THIS is the year that you will finally achieve goals that have long sat dormant in your heart?  Do you have a plan that lays out a step-by-step process on how to move yourself closer to success on those goals?  Often we find that desire and intention are not enough, and that it helps to create milestones and benchmarks along the path that keep you focused and motivated to achieve your goal.  Our guest this week will inspire us with her advice on how we can be smart in taking steps on the journey to success.

DeniseEhlenDenise Ehlen is a leadership consultant, executive coach and master trainer whose passion is to help individuals and organizations grow and thrive through change.  Denise received a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Elmhurst College.  She currently works at the Catholic Leadership Institute, and has worked in both for-profit and non-profit environments to develop professionals from entry-level to executives across the United States and Canada.

Denise is a sought-after facilitator, instructional designer, strategist and communicator, and she is here today to share her perspective on setting and achieving goals that you set for yourself in the New Year.

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Loving and Caring for Yourself and Your Body with Cydney Peterson – 1-23-16

In a recent study on New Year’s resolutions by Allianz Life Insurance Company of North America, it was found that 44% of respondents said their top focus for 2016 would be on health and wellness.  In the pursuit of these resolutions and goals, we sometimes can set unrealistic expectations, or become so single-minded that we don’t establish sustainable routines. What does it take to have a balanced approach to health and wellness?  And how do we make sure we are kind to ourselves in the pursuit of our ideal health and wellness goals?  This week we speak about the best way to make sure we love ourselves and our bodies as we set out to establish healthy routines.

Cydney Peterson grew up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin and CydneyPetersonJan16ShowPhotograduated with honors from high school and attended St. Olaf College in Northfield, MN.  After earning a BA in both Biology and Studio Art, Cydney worked professionally as a Zookeeper at the Houston Zoo in Houston, Texas and subsequently as an Animal Care Specialist and Animal Behavior Management Coordinator for the Racine Zoo in Racine, Wisconsin.

Although she loved her work with animals, Cydney was privately struggling with a troubled relationship to food, weight, and body image.  She had always felt intense pressure to succeed and navigated the challenges of life through the eyes of having to “do it right.”  To maintain control when life felt out of control, Cydney learned to use food and exercise as a way to manipulate her surroundings and appearance.

In what seemed to be a last ditch attempt to lose weight through an online vegan diet and exercise program, Cydney experienced a sudden shift in awareness, and found the Institute for the Psychology of Eating.  She is current immersed in learning techniques, philosophies, and strategies with the Institute for the Psychology of Eating to achieve the designation of Eating Psychology Coach in May, 2016.

Healthy Food Habits Begin Now with Heidi Fannin – 1-16-16

December 20, 2015

This week we begin a series of discussions focused on making this “Your Best Year Ever!” What would it take to create changes for the better in your life? What would be at the top of the list of the things you would like to make positive change this year?

For most people, cooking and eating healthier is near the top of the list of things they would like to know more about in order to lose weight, have more energy, and strengthen their immune system. This week we’ll explore top recommendations on bringing healthy foods and meals into your home in a way that can creating permanent change in your home.

HeidiFanninOur guest is food enthusiast Heidi Fannin. Heidi is a health and wellness coach, and works closely with her clients to raise their awareness about the food they eat. Heidi received her training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she trained in more than one hundred dietary theories. She is a founding member of Eat Right Racine, a local organization with a mission to educate people of all ages about food.

Heidi is the author of the book Kitchen Kidz, available on Amazon. Heidi is also a busy wife, mother, community volunteer, gardener and healthy eating pioneer.

For more information about Heidi Fannin, visit

Bringing Meditation into Your Life – Part 2 with Markus Kasunich – 1-9-16

December 2, 2015

Multiple sources of research have shown the many benefits of meditation, but it can be overwhelming to know how to begin to incorporate it into your daily life.  Like any regular habit or practice, beginning with small steps can get you started, and then you can customize your meditation to what works for you.  As we “Learn from the Experts”, we turn to a guest who has over 20 years practicing  various types of meditation who will share his tips on how to get started, and how to smoothly transition to a regular meditation routine.

UpdatedCroppedMarkus0514Markus Kasunich is Holistic Life & Consciousness Coach, Spiritual teacher, Healer, and Professional Speaker whose key focus is helping clients reveal the unlimited potential of their True Self. He offers private sessions, online coaching, and facilitates retreats, events and classes all over the globe. Markus is also an artist and has been a featured artist in gallery showings.

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