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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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De-Clutter and De-Stress with Kathi Miller – 2-6-16

December 29, 2015

Do you have drawers in your house that are packed with items you are not even aware of, or closets that contain belongings you have not used in years?  Most everyone has pockets of clutter in their home or office that have fallen into a blind spot and remain untouched.  Is there something that keeps you from cleaning out this clutter?  Are you keeping things in your home that you no longer need or use?  Clearing the clutter in our lives can reduce stress, and free up space, time and energy for the important things in your life.  Join us this week as we learn how to address our clutter with a clutter coach who has lived the principles of a clutter-free living her entire life.

KathiMillerKathi Miller spent most of her professional career in education and business; as a band director and then running a music education-related business.  She became a Clutter Coach in 2004 while pursuing her passion for trying to figure out why people create clutter in their lives, and developing new solutions to help them live a clutter-free life.  Kathi loves to share her expertise and motivate others to de-clutter their homes, offices, and schedules.

In the first 18 years of her marriage, Kathi moved 6 times – 3 times long-distance and 3 times locally.  This caused her to evaluate all of her belongings to determine if they were worthy of the moving cost.  She continues to review her belongings and to pare down, and believes that if you’re not using something and don’t know when or how you’ll use it, let it go.

Kathi is a frequent guest on Real Milwaukee, Fox6 WITI TV and WRJN Radio, Racine.  She is a professional speaker, author and educator on the topic of clutter-free living.

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