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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Re-Energizing Your Perspective on Work with Patricia Clason – 3-5-16

January 23, 2016

The jobs we do to earn a living can be a blessing or a burden, and sometimes it is our perspective that determines which description is true.  While we are mired in our daily routine, we don’t always take time to assess how we feel about the work we are doing, and how we can make sure we are doing what we can to stay energized by it.  This week we speak with a coach who helps people identify the work that they love, and to find enjoyment in their job and employment throughout their career.

PatriciaClasonFor over forty years, Patricia Clason has traveled across the continent doing speeches, workshops and media appearances as a professional speaker, trainer, consultant, writer, and coach giving over 5,000 presentations for corporations, associations, government agencies and non-profit organizations. Now the Director of the Center for Creative Learning which offers emotional intelligence programs for personal and professional development at offices in Milwaukee, Madison, and Detroit, Patricia has written many articles, training programs and personal growth seminars and is a sought-after guest for radio and television.

She is also the owner of Accountability Coaching Associates. Patricia was the first to receive the Registered Corporate Coach designation from the National Association of Business Coaches (now the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches) and founder of the Business Coaching Certificate program at the School of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee.

Patricia’s most recently published book, Speaking of Success, is co-authored with Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey and Ken Blanchard. She is featured in “So What Do You Do?” Joel Comm’s book about the geniuses next door. Her forthcoming book, Everyday EQ, will feature tips for emotional intelligence in our everyday relationships. She is the author of Taking It Lightly, an emotional intelligence weekend program, Healing Warrior Hearts, a similar program offered free for veterans, and the Successful Living Basic Training, Patricia has written over 50 programs for personal and professional development.

Patricia must truly practice what she teaches in the areas of communication, time management, and motivation, as well as business marketing, management, emotional intelligence and ethics. For more information on Patricia and her work, go to:

Finding Personal Growth Through Relationships with Mary Steege – 2-27-16

January 21, 2016

The relationships around us may range in the depth of their intimacy, but within each is an invitation to grow.  Our relationships allow us to understand ourselves better, and to raise our awareness of the places within us that are in need of healing. In the midst of things that strain our relationships, it may not be as easy to see these opportunities, but if we choose to accept this philosophy, it can change how we see every conversation as well as every conflict.  What can we do to see our relationships as a place for our own personal growth?  Our guest this week is a therapist who works with clients to find these gifts amidst the challenges.

MarySteegeMary Steege is a licensed marriage and family therapist, a certified Internal Family Systems therapist, and a pastor in the Presbyterian Church, USA. Currently in private practice at the Therapy House in Racine, WI, she has also served as a parish pastor and a hospital and hospice chaplain. Mary is a member of the AAMFT and author of a book on psycho-spiritual healing called: “The Spirit-led Life: A Christian Encounter with Internal Family Systems.” She conducts her own workshops on healing and has been a presenter at the International Internal Family Systems conference.

You can learn more about Mary at

Owning Your Role in Relationships with Judy Dejno – 2-20-16

January 20, 2016

In every relationship, there are high moments, and lows.  Often, the challenges in our relationships are rooted in expectations, misunderstandings, and miscommunications.  If we choose to make this the “Best Year Ever” in our relationships, what can we do to minimize the chance for these missteps?  How can we play the lead role in guiding our relationships to success?  Join us this week when we speak with a coach who will give us insight on what she feels are the most important things for us to prioritize, that will lead us to the most healthy relationships.


Judy Dejno is a coach in every sense of the word. As she coached her 3 children into their own successful adult lives, she diligently explored what her own path would be once she reached the status of “empty nester.” She has been an athletic coach and parent coach over the past 26 years. Stepping into the role of Life Coach seemed like the natural progression and one that allows her to live her passion ~ helping other people succeed.

Her athletic coaching brought her to be trained by top USA Olympic coaches.  To compliment this already solid foundation, she attained Life Coach Certification from Thrive! Life Services in Brookfield, WI.  She combined both coach trainings to create a unique coaching style that allows her clients to succeed like an athlete while being human first.

Judy’s volunteer experiences include coaching women survivors of domestic violence, empowering youth, and sitting on the Board of Directors of the nationally decorated West Allis Lightning Volleyball Club.  She also developed and managed the fundraising program for Lightning Volleyball Club that successfully allowed hundreds of families to afford unique travel opportunities that brought players to play at top levels all over the country.

In her previous work life, she has been a small business owner, web administrator, and worked in lending for many years.

She recently joined forces with Thrive! Life Services to form Milwaukee area’s largest full service coaching and personal development organization.

For more information about Judy, go to