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The Experience of Living Your Life Purpose with Mark Paffrath – 4-30-16

April 8, 2016

If we spend time in search of our life purpose, what are the bread crumbs that we can follow in that exploration? What are the clues along that journey that let us know that we are on the right path?  And how will we know when we have discovered it?  The clues might be obvious or subtle, and the goal may be elusive.  This week we speak with someone who followed the clues that led to his life purpose with our guest, musician Mark Paffrath.

MarkPaffrathMark Paffrath is an accomplished musician with a long career of published music and performances to his credit. Mark’s unique pop-folk style covers a range of his own original compositions as well as inspiring covers of new and classic tunes. Mark comes from a family of musicians, and is proficient at a variety of instruments and styles of music.

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