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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Reviving Hometowns, Energizing Communities with Dr. Eleanor Cooper – 9-3-16

July 25, 2016

How is the health of your hometown?  Strong local schools and economies are a foundation of American society, and yet in this year of a national election, we might forget to reflect on our own local priorities.  There are efforts going on all across the country, in towns big and small, to keep communities strong, vital, and energized.  What is the key to keeping our hometowns healthy?  This week we speak with a woman who has been a leader for change in her own community, and now helps others lead themselves back to health.  Join us as she shares her insights on what we need to know about having a healthy hometown.

EleanorCooperDr. Eleanor McCallie Cooper is the former Executive Director of Chattanooga Venture, the organization that led Vision 2000 in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  Chattanooga’s visioning process is renown for setting a new course for the city’s revitalization that led to the Tennessee Aquarium and a “spirit of Renaissance” that brought Volkswagen to Chattanooga. She is currently a consultant to the Visioning a Greater Racine team in Racine, Wisconsin.

Dr. Cooper served as Vice-President of the Lyndhurst Foundation. In recent years, she has been the Chattanooga Coordinator for the Marshall Memorial Fellowship, a program of the German Marshall Fund of the United States that brings young leaders from 22 countries in Europe to the United States.

Dr. Cooper received her Bachelors Degree in English Literature from Agnes Scott College, and a Masters Degree in American Civilization at the University of Alabama.  In 2013, she received a doctorate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga for her work on community learning and change.

For more information about the Visioning a Greater Racine effort, go to

Perspectives on Business Success with Kira Lafond – 8-27-16

July 13, 2016

The journey to business success for women continues to evolve and change, but remains filled with unique challenges. Having mentors and role models can help women to make smart choices that can improve the likelihood of a more smooth path to a fulfilling life and career.  This week as part of our “People You Should Know” series, we speak with a woman who is a visible example of success in her profession and community, and shares her reflections on steps and missteps that can help to shape a successful career.

KiraLafondKira Lafond is the market president and publisher of the Milwaukee Business Journal, the leading publication covering business for Milwaukee and the surrounding area.  Since 2014, she was the advertising director.  Kira has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing, spending the bulk of her career in radio sales and management in Illinois and Wisconsin.

Kira received her Bachelors degree in radio and television from Southern Illinois University.

For more information about Kira, please go to

The Possibilities of Positivity with Melissa Hevenor – 8-20-16

July 12, 2016

We continue our series speaking with “People You Should Know”.  Our guest this week has her own remarkable story of overcoming physical circumstances since childhood, while also pursuing her deeply-felt calling to use her natural gifts to help others.  Join us this week to hear from someone you should know, Melissa Hevenor.

melissa2Melissa Hevenor is an inspiration and role model for those seeking to overcome all obstacles put in front of them, and to be deeply committed to using their natural gifts for good. As a child, Melissa was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and   gets around in a wheelchair, which has never limited her life experiences or ability to succeed. She sees her condition as a blessing that enhances her connection to spirit and makes her message of love and positivity ten times more powerful.  She uses her natural intuitive and divine gifts as a sought-after spiritual guide and teacher to people all over the world. Melissa is also a published author of her autobiography “Life with Robin”, and recently sold two of her songs to performing artists.

Melissa’s journey to her current work as a medium and professional psychic began at the age of four when she had her first encounter with her guardian angel, Robin. By the age of seven she was having regular interactions with the departed and was able to see into the future. Melissa believed that these were every day experiences for everyone until she realized that she was able to tell her classmates in grade school when there was going to be a pop quiz and others could not. But during much of her childhood and adolescence, only her closest friends and family knew about her psychic and mediumship abilities.

Melissa was drawn to studying psychology and the arts. She excelled in music and writing. Eventually earning a Bachelors degree in psychology as well as a Bachelors in theater, with an emphasis in creative writing from Florida Atlantic University. Her joy for helping others compelled her to get a minor in education. Before beginning her work toward her Masters degree, she decided to reach for the stars in Hollywood, California, landing a internship on the daytime drama “General Hospital” working in the film editing department. During this time Melissa continued to take screenplay writing workshops and classes. In her “spare time” she also wrote commercials for television and special events.

Melissa later returned to Florida to further her education completing her Masters degree in mental health and a second Masters degree in rehabilitation counseling while working three jobs as a therapist. Melissa worked with diverse populations including children removed from unfit homes, children on the autism spectrum and with adolescents with addictions/conduct or behavior disorders. Melissa soon became the head of the crisis hotline through the mental health clinic where she was working. Melissa decided to leave the comfort of the mental health field to embrace her true calling as a spiritual advisor.

Melissa has developed a thriving business with clients all over the world which includes a large fan base in United States, Australia and Europe. She was asked to host her own radio show on a spiritual Internet radio network. Her show called “Latte of Heaven” has a world wide following. She currently has a large fan base on social media and is in the top 10% of the business users on LinkedIn. Over the years Melissa has become known as ” the psychic in your pocket” for her willingness to serve as a spiritual teacher to answer common questions asked by the public about spiritual wellness and her experiences as a psychic/medium.  Melissa works with local medical practitioners to help promote wellness and to devise holistic treatment plans.

For more information about Melissa, please go to her website at

Vibrant Living in Your 80’s with Jeanine Semon – 8-13-16

July 10, 2016

We all can use a bit of good news and inspiration!  This week we begin a series of shows focusing on “People You Should Know”….women who are doing things in their life that will inspire and uplift you.  We begin this week by introducing you to an 86-year-old artist and author whose daily routine includes yoga, walks outdoors and creating her healing art.  Join us for wonderfully practical tips on how to live vibrantly well into her 80’s.

JeanineSemonWhen an x-ray revealed she had the spine of a 30-year-old, Jeanine Semon embarked on a search of her life patterns, to find out why she was so exceptionally healthy for her age. Her search gave her many insights into her self that both strengthened her during life challenges, and guided her to more fully embrace her life passions.

Jeanine has written a book sharing her advice on living vibrantly, Living Art, Living Young, that is available on Amazon:

Jeanine is also an accomplished artist, and you can learn more about Jeanine’s art at

Jeanine lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Ed.