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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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Pushing Past Limitations, Following Dreams with Traci Bogan – 9-10-16

August 1, 2016

We are all presented with unique challenges in our lives, and the way that we react and respond to them can change the course of what follows on life’s journey.  This week we explore what one individual did in response to the realization that she needed to make a dramatic shift in her life if she wanted to reach her potential and see her dreams become a reality.  What would you do when faced with the prospect of needing to drastically change the course of your life?  Join us this week as we continue our “People You Should Know” discussion, and share one individual’s inspiring story.

TraciBoganTraci Bogan has made her life’s focus the practice of accomplishing seemingly unachievable goals and dreams.  In 2001 she made the daring and unconventional decision to abandon life as she knew it and walked away from her earthly possessions, consuming career, unfulfilling relationship, and loved ones. She strapped on a backpack and set off to discover the world and her role in it. Since then she has backpacked 75,000 miles, in six continents, traveling through 54 countries of her ongoing 100-country world adventure.

Traci has published 4 books and explores a new country every year, adopting a school and family in need along the way. She has also lived in Alaska, Texas, and China.

In 1992, Traci Bogan spearheaded a campaign to enact legislation that increased the criminal Statute of Limitations for sex crimes against children. This legislation was dubbed “The Bogan Bill,” and it was largely due to her persistent efforts and grassroots lobbying that the law was changed in 1994.

Traci has a degree in marketing, and is a coach and keynote speaker, having been interviewed on various television shows and magazines.  To learn more about Traci, please go to

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