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It’s Me, Not You with Amy Champeau – 11-5-16

October 5, 2016

Many times we find ourselves affected by the behavior of people around us…they irritate or annoy us and we find it hard to ignore these feelings.  In order to justify or rationalize our discomfort in these situations, we create stories about them and the individual’s motivations and intentions.  These stories that we tell ourselves about others actually say more about us than them.  By projecting these stories onto others, we avoid looking at the parts of ourselves that we might be trying to avoid.

This week we are joined by a Jungian psychoanalyst who will help us understand all the ways that we project parts of ourselves onto others through stories, and how this keeps us from owning our own feelings.

amychampeauAmy Champeau, MSMFT, LMFT, is a Jungian psychoanalyst, licensed marriage and family therapist and somatic psychotherapist located in Tucson, Arizona. She is a graduate of Northwestern University, The Family Institute of Chicago, and the C. G. Jung Institute of Chicago. Her work is informed by her life journey; her long-time meditation practice; the wisdom traditions of Zen and mystical Judaism; the creative arts; the Point Zero creativity process of Michelle Cassou; and her training in Integral Bodywork®. She is also a certified EMDR® practitioner; a certified TRE® provider, a certified practitioner in Integral Bodywork® and the founder of Moment-to-Moment Painting, a process of self-exploration and creative expression. Amy is the mother of two adult children and has 5 grandchildren. She has practiced Zen meditation for 30 years.

Amy has expertise in a wide range of practices which utilize the body as a gateway for personal growth and transformation. Amy’s personal experiences of these modalities and her witnessing of the changes in others who do this work have transformed her psychotherapeutic practice. Her work blends Jungian analysis with somatic psychotherapy, bodywork and creative expression to create a unique modality that moves beyond ‘talk therapy’. Amy’s work has been described as a ‘blend of practicality and spirituality’. In addition to bringing warmth, empathy and a non-judgmental attitude to her work, Amy is also an active participant in teaching her clients tools and practices that lead to real and lasting change in body/mind/spirit. Amy is a frequent presenter on the topic of the body as a gateway to transformation. She enjoys providing consultation to other mental health professionals who desire to incorporate more of a body-oriented approach into their work.

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