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You Are Infinitely Creative with Denise Zingg – 11-12-16

October 10, 2016

As human beings we are the essence of creativity, with each moment of each day holding the potential for a poem, a song, or a fascinating doodle to spring forth.  Too often we misunderstand the true depth of our creativity, and tell ourselves a story that we are not capable of being creative, in our thinking or in any art form.  This story can keep us from trying new forms of expression, and really exploring the unique thought patterns within us.  We’ve limited ourselves and what we have to bring to the world by denying our creativity.

This week we speak with an artist and musician who teaches others how to embrace their creativity without fear, and to quiet that limiting story we tell ourselves.  Tune in for her insights on how to find joy in our infinitely creative selves.


Our guest this week is artist Denise Zingg.   In 1980 Denise founded the Spectrum Gallery in Racine, WI, and today serves as the director of the Spectrum School of the Arts and Community Gallery. Spectrum’s educational philosophy is to provide effective individualized instruction to students of all ages by understanding each person’s learning style, abilities and goals facilitated by small classes (between 4 and 10 students per class).

In addition to teaching art and music as a portal to individual consciousness and creativity, Denise also teaches Astrology, Tarot and Mandala workshops.

For more information about Denise and the Spectrum Gallery, go to

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