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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur with Markus Kasunich – 7-9-17

May 28, 2017

Being a business owner calls for a certain mindset, and a comfort level with the uncertainty and risk that is inherent in being an entrepreneur.  Do you have what it takes to take that step?  What should you think about before you venture out on your own, so that you can truly assess your readiness for business ownership? This week we are joined by our favorite coach who will share what you should consider as you contemplate a move to working for yourself.

Markus Kasunich is a frequent guest on the Mind Body Spirit Living show, sharing his breadth of knowledge about achieving personal potential with our audience. He has been studying, practicing and refining holistic healing techniques for over 20 years. He has been trained in a wealth of different healing modalities, all augmenting his own natural gifts and intuitive abilities.

He spent two years studying Psychology and Fine Arts at York University in Toronto, Ontario, two years at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, and three years at Natural Health Consultants, a college of alternative medicine in Montreal, Quebec. He has also studied and mentored with Masters, spiritual teachers, shamans, mystics, healers, counselors, ministers, priests, kinesiologists and psychologists from South America, Mexico, England, Europe, Australia, India, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Markus is deeply devoted to his continued personal training, exploration and deepening of his own consciousness. Self-purification and Self-realization are a way of life. Through the course of his exploration, studies, spiritual discipline (sadhna) and service (Seva) alongside his spiritual teachers, he has had the privilege of immersing himself in the peoples and cultures of more than 18 different countries, as he traveled the world, assisting in facilitating spiritual retreats, pilgrimages, leading workshops, classes, lectures and private sessions which have inspired profound healing in the lives of thousands.

His writings and blog posts are frequently featured on the well-known TUT site. Markus is also the Co-Founder of the Awareness U Emotional Awareness app, featured on the App Store.

For more information about Markus, please go to

The Business of Entertaining with Doug Nicholson – 7-2-17

May 21, 2017

We all enjoy a night out on the town, including a great meal, and maybe some live music and a nightcap at a local bar. Providing those experiences is the job of entrepreneurs and restaurateurs who love to create spaces for their customers to enjoy themselves with family and friends, and create memories.  How do these entrepreneurs get their inspiration to design the places that people want to congregate at?  This week we talk with a business owner who has invested in multiple businesses that focus on entertainment and fun for patrons to learn more about what this business of entertaining is all about.

Doug Nicholson is the owner of the Nicholsworth Group, which includes three Downtown Racine businesses focused on eating and entertaining:  the Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery, The Brickhouse (formerly Envi Ultra Lounge), and Carriage House Liquor Co.  Nicholsworth also includes ATM Financial Services, Nicholson Property Management and Pearle Vision.

Doug attended Gateway Technical College for his airframe and power plant vocational diploma in airplane mechanics.  He also graduated from Carthage College with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and marketing, with a minor in economics.

 He is married and the father of three children, ages 10, 8 and 5.

The Entrepreneurial Adventure with Steve August – 6-25-17

May 20, 2017

Some people are called to be entrepreneurs early in their life, and only feel fulfilled and challenged when they are starting companies and working for themselves. They thrive on the risks and rewards that come with being a business owner, at the center of the strategy and decision-making that drives a business.  This week we get a peek into the mind of an entrepreneur who has started and successfully exited his own start-up, and worked in other ventures on his entrepreneurial adventure.  You’ll learn what challenges, but ultimately inspires, him to keep pursuing business opportunities and success.

Steve August is a serial entrepreneur, success coach, digital artist and maker. Formerly the Founder and CEO of Revelation, a market research software company that he took from idea stage to a multi-million dollar exit. He has taken a lap around the C-Suite and boardrooms in private equity backed companies and his writing brings a keen eye to the particular journey of visionary Founders.

Steve’s coaching practice focuses on helping first-time founders and entrepreneurs navigate the learning curve and pitfalls of scaling their business and reaching their full potential. You can find his writings on Medium and LinkedIn. He is always eager to talk to founders and entrepreneurs in all stages of their journey.

Steve received his Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies from Brandeis University.

Learn more about Steve at

A Bold Entrepreneur Amongst Giants with Sunday Muniz – 6-18-17

May 6, 2017

Running a business takes creativity and innovation, but it is an especially daunting challenge when the industry you are in has giant competitors with significantly louder voices.  What does it take to create a unique identity in this type of business environment?  This week we speak with a brave entrepreneur who has taken on the dynamics of the competitive nutrition, wellness and pharmaceutical industries to learn the secrets to her success.

Sunday Muniz and her husband Jody own Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy, a resource for wellness in Racine, WI.  They are both board certified nutritionists, award-winning pharmacists, and busy parents to three active children.  A key goal of the business is to empower people in ways that can positively impact the lives of families, the community and beyond. By establishing their own independent pharmacy, they wanted a completely different business format from the large chains to provide a more personal approach to health.  Operating as family owned and locally operated has allowed the freedom to help customers with whole health needs through direct personal attention and authentic advice.  They are able to share their personal philosophies for wellness solutions by which they themselves live.  Sunday and Jody show their dedication to families’ wellbeing through a series of free cooking demonstrations, health programs and a newsletter that addresses current and useful information.

You can learn more about the business Sunday and the business she owns with husband, Jody, at

The Business of Creativity and Communications with Jen Dooley – 6-11-17

May 5, 2017

Starting a business from just an idea can be both a daunting task and also an overwhelming opportunity.  With a blank sheet and just the spark of entrepreneurship, anything is possible.  When that idea leads to a successful business with employees, a growing list of clients and a series of awards, it is worthy of admiration!  What does it take to build a business driven by creativity and communications and loyal clients?  This week we speak with an entrepreneur at the center of this business to find out what is at the core of its growth and success.

Jennifer Dooley is the owner and founder of Dooley & Associates, a creative marketing agency based in Downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin. Dooley started the firm from a small one room home office in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  Dooley & Associates specializes in tailoring marketing plans, web design, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video production, branding, print media, advertising and public relations for clients ranging from businesses to municipalities to nonprofit organizations.

Dooley & Associates has ten employees plus contractors and has won national and local awards. Jen was recognized as the Kenosha Susan B. Anthony Woman to Watch Under 40, the firm was recognized by the Kenosha Area Business Alliance in 2013 as one of the five fastest growing firms in Kenosha County, and it has been named the Best of Kenosha First Place Winner for the past three years. Jennifer Dooley is a member of the Board of Directors of the Boys & Girls Club of Kenosha, the Secretary of Downtown Kenosha Inc. Board, President of the Rotary Club of Kenosha West, a UW-Parkside Foundation Board Member, a Gateway Technical College Advisory Board Member and she serves on many special event committees throughout the year.

For more on Jennifer and Dooley & Associates, go to

A Plumb Role as Entrepreneur with Austin Schultz – 6-4-17

May 4, 2017

Some people know early on that they would like to own and run a business, while others unexpectedly find themselves in the position of business owner through unplanned twists and turns.  As our “Re-Invigorating Work” series evolves, we begin discussions with entrepreneurs who share how they are both inspired and challenged in their role as entrepreneurs.  This week’s guest always aspired to own a business and saw his dream come true, in his hometown at a business he once worked at while in high school.

Austin Schultz began working for Plumb Gold as a part time sales associate in 2001 while he was attending the Prairie School in Racine, WI.  He purchased Plumb Gold in 2015.

He attended college at Miami University of Ohio. There he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design. Austin specializes in custom design and loves to work with colored gems.

For more information about Austin and Plumb Gold, go to

Loving Your Work with Chris Kann – 5-28-17

May 1, 2017

Because we spend so much of our time “at work”, most of us have a desire to feel inspired and energized by the career or profession that we choose. Not everyone has a clear vision of what that will be at the beginning of their career, but we all hope that through the decisions we make on our path, we continue to develop a better understanding of what it is that we really love to do, and ultimately find ourselves doing work we enjoy!  What can we think about at the different stages of our career that can keep us connected to what we know enriches and fulfills us in our work?  In the midst of our busy lives, sometimes we can forget, so this week, Host Chris Kann takes the guest seat to share her thoughts on how we can find our way back to loving our work.

Since June, 2013, Chris Kann has been the host of the Mind Body Spirit Living radio show, a manifestation of her passion for her own personal growth journey and the desire to inform and educate others seeking to live an inspired life.

Chris is also the owner of CSK Marketing, Inc., a market research company founded in 1997 ( and is a Registered Corporate Coach, guiding clients to more personal and career fulfillment using insights from over 30 years in business (  Chris and business partner Markus Kasunich have created the Emotional Awareness app that is available on the App Store.  It is a tool for cultivating self awareness and emotional intelligence (

Chris has Bachelors and Masters degrees in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and spent 11 years in corporate marketing positions before opening her own businesses.