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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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A Bold Entrepreneur Amongst Giants with Sunday Muniz – 6-18-17

May 6, 2017

Running a business takes creativity and innovation, but it is an especially daunting challenge when the industry you are in has giant competitors with significantly louder voices.  What does it take to create a unique identity in this type of business environment?  This week we speak with a brave entrepreneur who has taken on the dynamics of the competitive nutrition, wellness and pharmaceutical industries to learn the secrets to her success.

Sunday Muniz and her husband Jody own Nutritional Designs & Pharmacy, a resource for wellness in Racine, WI.  They are both board certified nutritionists, award-winning pharmacists, and busy parents to three active children.  A key goal of the business is to empower people in ways that can positively impact the lives of families, the community and beyond. By establishing their own independent pharmacy, they wanted a completely different business format from the large chains to provide a more personal approach to health.  Operating as family owned and locally operated has allowed the freedom to help customers with whole health needs through direct personal attention and authentic advice.  They are able to share their personal philosophies for wellness solutions by which they themselves live.  Sunday and Jody show their dedication to families’ wellbeing through a series of free cooking demonstrations, health programs and a newsletter that addresses current and useful information.

You can learn more about the business Sunday and the business she owns with husband, Jody, at

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