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“Only the truth of who you are, if realized, will set you free.” - Eckhart Tolle

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About the Host

Chris Kann brings to the Mind Body Spirit Living podcast her curiosity about all aspects of holistic living.  She has experienced and explored many aspects of traditional and alternative health and healing modalities.  Her personal journey of self discovery has enriched her understanding of the many aspects of self-awareness and spirituality.  With the help of the guests on the show, she will enhance listener’s opportunity to  learn along with her.

Chris has had many experiences to explore her own understanding and opinions about every day living, and different concepts in the areas of spirituality and healing.  She has been a member of protestant churches for over 20 years, and has also attended events with spiritual masters, volunteered at an ashram, participated in healing circles and a variety of other unique events that have broadened her own awareness.  She is a certified Reiki Master, and continues to build a community of consciousness in SE Wisconsin through the meet up group Mind Body Spirit Wisconsin.

Since 1997, Chris’ professional interviewing skills have been honed as President of CSK Marketing, Inc., a market research firm providing custom market research solutions to consumer and business to business companies.  She has a passion for connecting with consumers, doing group and individual interviews with consumers from all walks of life.

Chris also shares extensive business experience as a Registered Corporate Coach through her coaching firm, Chris Kann Coaching.

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